Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Blog Challenge (A Little Slow On The Draw)

I was planning on participating in the September Blog Challenge, which was created by a new blog I just started reading on The Sits Girls website. For the challenge, there is a writing prompt each day, and you have to try and post every single day in September.
But September snuck up on me and now I am a day late and a dollar short as always! Actually two days late, and two dollars short. So this is actually going to be three posts in one! Lucky you!
Let's begin.

Day 1. My Life Story, in 300 Words Or Less. I was born. My parents never knew I had special needs. They thought I was just annoying. I got in trouble a lot. I grew up. My parents fought a lot. My dad drank. My mom hated my guts.
My brother was practically perfect in every way, except he started drinking and doing drugs when he was 11. My parents didn’t notice or care. They thought I was the only messed up kid. They said I was ruining the family.
 I ran away from home. I kept getting caught. Finally I turned eighteen.
I lived on the streets for several years. I met lots of people. Some were kind. Some were jerks. Many were a little of both. I found both kindness and hatred in unexpected places.
This guy I knew, we became great friends, and I called him my big brother. I’d known him since I was a kid. We were homeless together. He had a serious drinking and drug problem. I spent most of my time jumping on my bicycle and chasing after him, trying to rescue him and cleaning up his messes form. My efforts were futile.
We lived in a crackhouse with his girlfriend. He kept smoking crack. He wanted to steal from me. When I wouldn’t give him money he puched me. One day   he tried to strangle me.
The next day, he got arrested for something unrelated to me.  Karma is a bitch!
I joined AmeriCorps to get away from it all. I worked with kids. Afterwards I got a job as a special education teacher’s aide. I decided to become a special ed teacher.  I started going to school part time, using my AmeriCorps education voucher. 55,000,000 years later, I graduated!
Too bad I can’t find a job though. I’m still working on it!

Day 2. What is my favorite season and why? I love summer because it is hot out (usually) and you can run out of the house wearing only the clothes you have on, without spending an hour putting on sweatshirts and jackets and boots and scarves and hats and gloves. (Chicago winters are super cold!) I love the smell of summer. I love swimming and hiking and camping and tubing, which are all things you can do in the summer. My second favorite is fall, followed by spring, but I sure don't like winter at all! 

Day 3. Why did I start blogging? Before blogs were ever invented, I always kept a journal. When I was living in a homeless shelter when I was 17 or 18, I was constantly writing in a notebook. Everyone would want to read what I wrote. I didn't keep my journal a secret. I would write all about my thoughts and feelings on what was going on in my life and what I saw and noticed. My friends at the shelter would take turns reading my journal, and they'd pass it around. Usually they loved what I wrote, even when it was something negative about them. They thought I was really smart and perceptive. Because I had difficulty communicating in words, a lot of people thought I was "retarded." (Their word, not mine.) So they were surprised to see that I was always paying attention and understanding what was going on. I loved being able to let people know what I was thinking and feeling, which I couldn't usually do.
The volunteers in the shelter would bring me fresh notebooks and pens so that I could keep on writing. I had all these notebooks in a backpack. Unfortunately, I lost all but the last one, when I had to leave the place I was staying at unexpectedly. I was trying to pack as lightly as I could, and so I only took my most recent notebook, and left the others hidden at the motel room I'd been staying at with some friends. I think they all got thrown away eventually. 
Later, when I started having Internet access more regularly, I used to make my own websites. This was before people really started blogging. I had a website called "Angel's Place," that was all about me. I also started a little magazine with the same name. I was living in a group home for teens at that time, and the people in the office would let me use the copy machine so I could put together enough magazines to give out to the kids and staff. It mostly had my own stories and poems and drawings, but other kids sometimes contributed as well. 
So when I discovered blogging, it just seemed natural to start my own blog! Blogging became my way of reaching out to others and communicating. It is also a way of clearing my head and categorizing the things that happen in my life. When I write about my life, in neat little posts, it seems less chaotic and makes more sense.
I've had a lot of different blogs over the years... but this one is the one that is the most "me."

Alright! How was that for a three-for-one deal? I will meet this challenge again tomorrow! Be there or be square! 


  1. what a great and honest post. love it!

  2. totally agree this was a great & honest post thanks so much for sharing i look forward to following along

  3. That was pretty good for 3 in 1. I'm so glad you first had your notebooks and now your blog to express yourself :)

  4. Wow! I agree, very honest! You are very inspiring, so glad you were always able to have an outlet and as you got older found some encouraging people. Looking forward to following you and reading future posts!

  5. I appreciate the honesty and transparency shared from your personal truths. I look forward to reading future posts from you.


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