Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Monday, September 2, 2013

My Summer Bucket List, Reviewed!

I <3 Peanuts!
 Hi everyone! Happy Labor Day! Now that the summer is unofficially over (officially it doesn't end until September 21, right?) I guess it is time to review my Summer Bucket List and see how I did! 

1. Go to Six Flags a lot! I only got to go once, at the beginning of the summer. My little cousin ended up not being able to go because her parents couldn't afford it and they wouldn't let me pay for her! Oh well... there's always Fright Fest to look forward to!

2. Keep working on my Zombie Run. Kinda gave up on that one. It got too humid to run. Can I put that on my FALL Bucket list? 

3. Go to the beach. Sorta did that one... I got to go to the beach in Wisconsin when I was there, but I never went to the Lake Michigan beach. Although, with the number of dead bodies floating around in there, maybe it is all for the best!

4. Go camping. FAIL! I never went. 

5. Visit the Museum of Science And Industry. Even though whenever I say I want to go, my mom says, "What are you, six years old?" Another fail. Boy, I am not doing so well, am I?

6. Grow a garden. Well, almost. I did grow some plants, but they didn't do so well this year with the weird weather. Next time I will start my plant indoors over the winter, so they will be strong and ready by the time summer comes!

7. Go to Wisconsin with my family. I did it! Which, like I said, wasn't too hard... I just had to show up and get in the car for our planned vacation. 

8. Make some tie-dyes.
I did it just yesterday! My aunt and little cousins came over and we all tie-dyed. We made a bunch of onesies for Squeak, and the kids made T-shirts for themselves. The bad news is I apparently used crappy dye. My mom inexplicably ran the tie-dyes through the rinse cycle three times and then washed them with detergent twice. She wanted to be sure no excess dye would bleed on other clothes. Well, she pretty much washed all of the dye out of the clothes! I think one of our biggest mistakes was rinsing them out too soon after we dyed them. We're gonna do a redo today. I will post pics soon! 

9. Go to Pow-Wows. I went to two last year and I want to go to more this year. Shut up. They're fun. Also I really like fry bread. Fail. I didn't go to any. The two that I found are not happening until September, and they are on the specific weekends that I will be in California! :(

10. Go to California to visit my newborn nephew Freddy. I went twice! Wait a minute... scratch that. I went once, and I am getting ready to go again a week from now! So this is a success. 

11. This one wasn't on my original Bucket List but I thought I'd add it because it is cool... I got to go river tubing! Next year remind me to add that to my Bucket List!

So... in review... out of my ten goals for the summer, I managed to successfully do two, somewhat successfully do two, and failed at five. Not so great! Then again, not so bad! And at least now I have room for improvement for next summer, I suppose...

How did your summer go? 

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