Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm In Cali... But Not For Long!

This is my brother's dog who snuggles with me at night!
She's such a good dog! She snores, but that doesn't
bother me. 
 Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. My Internet connection up here in the mountains is reeeeeeeeeeal slow. I've been told it is because all we're getting is a 2-G connection, while most of the world wide web is now designed for 4-G. I thought I'd spend a few minutes blogging, even though it may take four hours just to get the page published!

So I've been here for almost two weeks, now, and I'm heading out on Saturday. I actually stayed here longer than I thought I would. I had thought I'd stay maybe a week or ten days. But remember how nervous I was to leave home and come here? That is how nervous (and sad) I am about leaving my brother's house! It is so beautiful here, and I've loved spending a lot of time with my nephew and my sister-in-law. The way my brother's job is, he will be at work for several days at a time and then have one day off, so I haven't actually gotten to spend much time with him... it has been mostly me and Squeak and his mama, and their dog Pibble who I love love love!

Squeak is four months old now and is a real bundle of joy! You know how babies kind of go in cycles, they're really happy until they get hungry, then after they eat they're really happy until they get tired, etc. So Squeak, during his happy times, is the sweetest baby ever! I like to sit him across from me on the couch and just sing to him and make noises and play with his stuffed animals, and he gets the biggest smile on his face and even starts laughing! The other day I was just saying, "Ah-ah-ah!" and Squeak was cracking up! Which made me crack up too! He's also really alert and loves being around people and watching what is going on. And he's starting to pay attention to toys even.

When Squeak is upset you can just pick him up hold him, and he puts his arms out and hangs on tight to you with his soft little head on your shoulder, and you can walk around or bounce until he falls asleep. Sometimes though you end up holding him for his whole nap, because as soon as you try to put him in his crib Squeak will often wake up, because he wants to be with everyone and get held. He's like a teddy bear!

Other things I've been doing out here? The first three days I was here it was really hot out and we went to the river and swam. The water is super cold but when you get used to it it feels great and is a lot of fun! One of the days, we went out for ice cream. My sister-in-law's sister came to visit for a few days and she was really cool so that was fun. 

One of the days my sister-in-law and me went to a drop-in Zumba class that was taught by her friend. That was fun, even though I felt like a fool because it is hard to follow along and do what the teacher is doing at the exact same time! I wish they had drop-in Zumba classes where I live.

A few times friends of my bro and sis-in-law came over to visit. Once we went to one of their houses for dinner. One night me and my brother went to a dive bar in the middle of no where and partied. (Well, I watched other people party, anyway!) 

My bro and sis-in-law have a huge yard with a ton of fruit trees, and my sis-in-law picked a zillion grapes, and we made lots and lots and lots of homemade grape jelly! So delicious! But did you know that jelly is mostly made out of sugar? We were making four mason jars of jelly at a time. Sp for a batch of four jars of jelly (each holding about a pint) the recipe involved 7 cups of sugar! Basically how you make jelly is, you smash up the fruit, add some water, boil it, toss in some Pectin, bring that to a boil, toss in a zillion cups of sugar, stir that up and bring it to a boil, and then pour it into jars and wait for it to gel up. It is so yummy!

I think that is about all... and I am going to end this entry so I can drink my tea.  

I am sort of upset because on one hand, I wish I could stay here forever, but on the other hand, I really miss my dogs and my parents. I have to be missing someone at all times! It is a real bummer. 

OK that is all for now. One more day in Cali and then I am headed for Oregon!

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