Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Thursday, August 29, 2013

No, It's Not Amazing. It's Not Amazing At All.

This is a picture of the Avenue of the Giants. The picture is
from the town where my brother used to live. When I visited him
we would hike in this type of forest every day! Because it was,
like, right there. Talk about an AMAZING experience! 
You know what word irritates me lately? 


It used to be a perfectly good word... until everything became amazing. 

If you have a child, your child is absolutely amazing. If you're dating someone, the person you're dating is just amazing. If you go on a vacation, the scenery was amazing. If you try a new recipe, the recipe is amazing. If you buy a new outfit, you look amazing. 

For some reason, the thing that pushed me over the edge with this word was a magazine article that asked people to give advice about how to feel confident in social situations. One person said, "I put on an amazing shade of red lipstick." 

I love the color red. It is my favorite color. But how can a shade of red lipstick be amazing? 

The definition of "amazing," according to the Oxford Dictionary, is "causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing." But the dictionary page adds that the informal definition of the word, as it is commonly used, is "very impressive, excellent.

There are some things in this world that are actually amazing. Redwood trees, for instance, and their close relatives, Sequoias.  Have you ever seen them? These ancient trees can grow up to 380 feet tall, and can be more than 100 feet wide. They can live up to 3,000 years! There are trees that are set up over roads so that you can actually drive a car through the hollows. But just telling you the facts about these trees can't really describe them. I've been in the Redwood Forest. Standing amidst these giant trees, leaning against one and looking up and seeing them reaching almost to the sky, and even being able to climb inside the trunk of one and feel like you're inside an elf's house... the feeling is... well, amazing.

Other things can be great, but aren't necessarily amazing. For those things, there are many different lovely words that can be substituted. Here are some.

That cookie you just ate? Was it so delicious that "delicious" just won't do it justice? Maybe it was delectable, divine, enticing, exquisite, mouthwatering, rich, savory, scrumptious, succulent, or titillating!

Is your child really smart? Maybe she's alert, brainy, brilliant, clever, exceptional, sharp, resourceful, acute, exceptional, keen, wise, or witty? Or you might describe her more as imaginative, inventive, gifted, inspired, or innovative.      

Aren't words fun? There are so many of them to choose from, and you can get your point across so much more effectively than just saying, amazing.

What is your least favorite word? What words do you wish people would use instead?

Oh yeah, and for the Happiness Challenge... I am happy that I have a grocery bag full of old magazxines that my Nona gave me yesterday, so I have lots of things to read! I really love magazines! 

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