Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Monday, August 19, 2013

MHO Monday Mingle: Help Me Get Organized.... PLEASE!


Hi everyone! Liz from Funny Postpartum Lady emailed me inviting me to participate in a blog hop called MHO Monday Mingle. So I am linking up to that site!  (If you want to join in, follow the button above!) I think the idea is to share something with other bloggers, like a picture or a recipe. However, I had already started this blog post, so I am sharing with you the opportunity to help me get my room more organized! 
Being organized is not my thing. It is the opposite of my thing. Although, oddly, I do enjoy organizing other people's things... or, like, if I moved to a new house I would enjoy organizing my own things inside of it. I like organizing my farm on Wetopia. And I don't mind cleaning. Cleaning... like vacuuming, spraying things down and wiping them, mopping, dusting... is actually pretty relaxing. But as for organizing my room, I'd rather play high school volley ball! (Well... maybe not. That's a hard call.) 
 I know there are some super-organized people out there who will shudder at these pictures, and I welcome any advice you organizational types can give me! I do have a few dilemmas that make organizing particularly hard. First, this room is part of my mom's house, and I am only staying here until I get an apartment. So I can't put anything in any other rooms. And I can't put up any extra shelves, unless they're really light and portable. And no nails on the walls. Okay... this is your challenge! 

Exhibit A
EXHIBIT A - The back corner of my room. The PINK arrow is pointing to the bins and piles where all of my classroom stuff... mostly kids' books, but also games, science kits, and other supplies... are stored. Ever since I was in college I was being told to collect things for my future classroom, so that when I got a classroom, I wouldn't be faced with spending thousands of dollars at once. When I taught summer school, I purchased even more stuff... some of which is still in my car! No classroom... no place to put all this stuff. But if I get rid of it, I am basically getting rid of my dreams of being a teacher! 
The YELLOW and BLUE arrows are pointing to book shelves filled with books. Yes, I do go through them occasionally and weed out the ones I no longer want. I also lend a lot of them to my mom, so I tend to keep the ones I think she will want to read. 
The GREEN arrow is pointing to my very cool rocking chair. You can rock all the way backwards, so you are lying with your feet up in the air. I love that thing!

Exhibit B
EXHIBIT B - My terrible entertainment center This is leftover from my apartment. I don't really use the TV or stereo here, but I'm keeping them for when I get an apartment, hopefully within a few months. The ORANGE arrow is pointing to the cabinet where I keep a bunch of notebooks and old journals, a box of momentos (2nd shelf) and my old VHS video camera and tapes. (3rd shelf.) 
The RED arrow is pointing to the drawers, where I keep scrapbooking supplies and my old Nintendo Game Cube. (Also leftover from my apartment... I played video games a lot there!) 
The GREEN arrow is pointing to the part of the cabinet where I keep my toiletries, such as lotions, toothbrush and toothpaste (can't stand to keep my toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom and I'm not allowed to keep my lotions there.) 
The YELLOW arrow is pointing to the shelves where I keep binders of my important information, as well as some binders of lesson plans, and my teaching portfolio binder. I also keep a shoe box full of medicine (mostly allergy pills and pain killers) but it isn't in the picture because it was on the floor at the time. 
You can also see on the top some little knicknacks such as my travel pillow, a teddy bear I knitted, a framed picture of a little kid who gave it to me, and some cats.

Exhibit C
 EXHIBIT C is a photo of my dresser. This dresser has actually been with me my whole life... from the many apartments and houses I lived in during my childhood, and the several apartments I had as an adult, as well as my grandparents' house where it was my uncle's dresser. 
The RED arrow is pointing to the top of the dresser, which is littered with a jewelry box, an old milk bottle full of coins, my old piggy bank (where I stash away a little bit of money each week in order to save up without knowing it) a plate with crystals on it, some tarot cards, some old credit cards and other ID cards, a picture from my cat's fort, and the paw print and lock of fur I was given when my cat had to be put to sleep this past February. The BLUE arrow is pointed to the drawers, which are so overstuffed that it is hard to close them! 

Exhibit D
 EXHIBIT D is a photo of my desk area... with a large exercise ball where I sit, instead of a chair, so I can bounce around and get some movement. The RED arrow is pointing to a bunch of magazines and catalogs that I've felt the need to keep for one reason or another. The rest of the stuff on the desk is just randomness. The insides of the drawers are actually more or less organized, believe it or not! 

Exhibit E
Exhibit E is a picture of the inside of my closet. I did not even bother to put arrows on it because it is pretty explanatory. The top is clothes hanging on hangers. The bottom is chaos. (Not clothes... mostly random stuff I stored in there to get it out of the rest of my room, like my box of CDs, my suitcase, and my knitting materials. 

Exhibit F
Exhibit F is a small dresser I use as my art drawers! It is stuffed full of art supplies... some that I use for myself, and some junkier ones I keep for when my little cousins come over. The top is littered with a basket of my lotions that wouldn't fit in Exhibit B, some winter gloves, a bath sponge, a little tray where I keep my keys and other little things I need to remember to take with me each day, and a gargoyle. Not sure where the gargoyle came from. I think he just flew in on his own!

Exhibit G
Finally,  Exhibit G is a view of the entire room (well, most of it) from the doorway. My desk would be to the left of the photo, my closet to the right, and my art drawers right next to the doorway where this was taken from. The BLUE arrow is pointing to under the bed, where I store a bin of T-shirts, and some scrapbooking stuff. The GREEN arrow is pointing to more random scrapbooking stuff that wouldn't fit under the bed! And the PURPLE arrow is pointing to my small dog, who is kind enough to let me share the room with her. (The exercise ball had actually gotten loose from under the desk and was about to roll over my small dog!)

Does anyone have any ideas? I'd love to hear them! Seriously, dudes. I need help! 

Oh yeah... and as for the Happiness Challenge... I am happy I had cinnamon toast and chocolate milk for dinner. I am happy it was a lovely day out. I am happy I got to visit with my very favorite neighbor lab, Andie! And I am happy that next Saturday I might be going to Six Flags! 


  1. OMG! I have major dresser envy!

  2. That dresser is awesome. I am the opposite of organized but I can offer one (small) FYI: The Container Store has a 30% off sale every year, 30% off hardware AND installation, if you want them to install shelves. It looks like you know exactly where everything, we did not. The shelves helped us a LOT, we were able to see and reach everything more easily.


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