Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kickball Didn't Quite Work Out, But...

This is kinda like the bike I saw at Wal-Mart. Except it was
yellow, and the carrier thing on the back was painted
like wood and had flowers on it. It was really cool. You
shoulda seen it.
 I tried to go to that kickball Meetup today, but I couldn't find it. I went to the forest preserve but all I could find were family picnics and people playing Frisbee and volley ball and stuff. One reason I was really hoping it would work out was because I had mentioned to my parents that I was going, and my mom was all like, "Why would you want to do that? What kind of people do that?" and my dad was all, "Meetup groups never seem to work out for you." So I wanted to prove them wrong by going and having a good time. But oh well... maybe next time. I was really nervous anyway, to walk up to a huge group of people I didn't know and just be like, "Hi, can I play kickball with you?"

So I guess I cannot add that to my Happiness Challenge list. But I am happy that I got some errands done instead. I am happy that I made my dogs happy by bringing them some new squeaky tennis balls (well, just for Lily, really... Trixie doesn't play with such nonsense) and some new treats. I am happy that I went out for frozen custard with my parents. I am happy that I saw a cool bike at Wal-Mart and, if I want to get it, I actually do have enough money saved up right now to buy it!

Tomorrow I have to start cleaning out my car. My summer school teaching job ended right before I left for Wisconsin, so I literally just piled all my classroom stuff into my car and left it there. I got some bins today so I can start sorting it all out to store it. I really wish I could be putting it into my own classroom sometime soon! But I have to trust that whatever is meant to be is what will happen... probably I'll eventually find the most awesome job ever, but the timing just isn't right yet, and if I found a job right now I would miss the awesome job that is waiting for me, 

That, my friends, is called positive thinking.

Or wishful thinking. Either one of those.

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