Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Goodnight, Sleep Tight...

This is me. Aren't I cute?
 I am pretty sure I am turning into an owl. Or some other nocturnal creature, like a raccoon, or a vampire. Lately, all I want to do is sleep! Here is how my day went today... (and I swear, if you tell my mother about this, I will block you from ever laying eyeballs on my blog again!) 
I stayed up last night until about three in the morning, using the computer, and then reading. My allergies have been so wicked bad, even though I've been taking Zyrtec every day, and that usually controls it... for some reason lately the allergens around here are too powerful for Zyrtec even! So I was sneezing so much last night, and if you have really bad allergies you know that your throat also gets itchy, and how on earth are you supposed to scratch your throat? You can try gargling water, or you can try making a weird choking sound , or you can try sort of rubbing the roof of your mouth against the back of your throat, but none of these works very well. An itchy throat is torture! Added to sneezing and itchy eyes, I was getting desperate, so I scrounged around in the big shoe box where I keep all of my leftover medicines (mostly various allergy and cold pills, and a few kinds of ear drops) and I miraculously found some bubble packs of Benadryl! Hurray! So I took one. An hour after that, I got drowsy, and passed out... and slept until... NOON!
Upon waking up at noon, I stumbled out of bed, washed up a little (no point in an actual shower when its already noon and you have no where to go!) checked my Facebook and email and all that important stuff, went downstairs and took my dogs into the yard. Then came in, made myself some delicious Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Macaroni And Cheese (Did you know Pepperidge Farm makes Goldfish Macaroni and Cheese? They totally do! And its even better than Kraft!) Went downstairs and ate my delicious lunch while watching a rerun of SVU, On Demand. 
And then guess what I did? Went back upstairs, cuddled up with my small dog, and took a short three hour nap! 
I'm not even joking. 
Part of it was because I could still feel the Benadryl coursing through my veins and making me drowsy. And part of it was because I am just a lazy bones. 
I woke up at 4:00 when my mom got home, and immediately jumped to my feet. (My mom hates for people to sleep!) We took the dogs for a walk (with me pulling my small dog along behind me like a pull toy the whole way because she is just as lazy as me sometimes) then went to Target for no real reason, and then came home. I ate dinner while watching another episode of SVU (because there is, like, nothing else on... where have all the good shows gone?) and came upstairs to use the computer again. 
And now... I am tired and I want to go to sleep. (it is 9:45 now, so I guess it is somewhat late enough to go to sleep, but if I do I will be wide awake at midnight, setting up the whole vicious cycle again!) 
Maybe I am getting sick and dying. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I haven't been taking my iron pills and vitamins as regularly as I should be. Maybe it is another low grade depression setting in. Or maybe I am just going stir crazy from not having a job
.I mean, there are plenty of things I could be doing (such as cleaning and organizing my room, finishing packing up my summer school teaching stuff, cleaning my closet and finding things to donate to Goodwill, vacuuming the living room, etc) but they all suck. 
Then there are things I enjoy doing (blogging, reading, playing Wetopia on Facebook, watching TV, laying out in the sun, etc) but I would feel guilty for doing them because if I am home during the day while everyone is at work I should not be having fun. 
So the best possible solution to this conundrum is to go to sleep! RIght?
I bet this post is making you want to go to sleep!

At least let me tackle my Happiness Challenge for the day before you pass out cold. Today I am happy that Pepperidge Farm makes delicious macaroni and cheese. I am happy that I am hopefully going tubing this weekend maybe. I am happy that my small dog loves being brushed and when I brush her she gazes up at me adoringly the whole time. (My big dog hates being brushed, and when I brush her she stands there very patiently with a frown on her face, and then runs away and hides the minute you let go of her collar!) And really that's about it that I'm happy about today. I mean it just wasn't that exciting of a day, obviously, was it. 
By the way, I now have a Facebook profile and you can "friend" me if you want to! Just find my Facebook badge on the sidebar of this blog!

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  1. It's completely OK that your daily happiness is a little thing. That's part of the challenge -- to recognize the little things that lighten our days and make us smile. And a good bowl of mac & cheese is reason to smile!

    I suffer fro allergies, too, but Benadryl and I just don't get along. It has such a strong impact on me that I think I begin to doze off when I look at the pastel type on the box! I take Allegra D and that helps.


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