Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Friday, August 9, 2013

A Relatively Successful Day!

This is gonna be me! 
Today is a good day! I am excited because tomorrow I am going tubing! I am going with some random people I have never met... it is with a Meetup group. Although Meetup rarely works out for me, I am pretty sure this one will go well because there are supposed to be 10 people going and there is a specific meeting place and everything. We are going to meet around here somewhere and then carpool to Albany, Wisconsin, and then we are going tubing in the Sugar River! (I have now told you my exact whereabouts for tomorrow, so if you want to stalk me, you totally can.) 
I sort of went tubing once before, when I took some little kids with me to the Peace Festival in Missouri. There was a river you could tube down, and I had brought the kids some tubes, and we just jumped into the river and started going. It wasn't that great though because there was a lot of brush and trees and stuff in the river and the kids kept getting stuck in it and I kept having to rescue them, and then when we got to the place where we were going to get out, the littlest kid forgot to get out of her tube and I had to jump back into my tube and chase her down the river, where we nearly died. It was fun. I sure do miss Missouri! 
Anyway I am looking forward to tomorrow because I love stuff like that! 
As for the Happiness Challenge, I am kinda proud of myself today. I peeled myself (and my small dog) out of bed before 9:45 am, took an entire shower, ate breakfast, and started working on organizing my room a little bit. That is a BIG thing for me! I actually came up with a pretty good organizational system for keeping track of the eighty billion stupid random papers I have all over my room. I love getting mail, but sometimes I actually really hate it because its usually somewhat useless, just a bunch of papers and more papers and more papers, and they all end up in a big crazy pile. So I came up with a very simple filing system... I bought four different colored folders. When I get a bunch of mail I don't want to open right away, I can put it in the blue folder which is IN. When I get a minute, I can sort it out and put some things in the green KEEP folder and some things in the red ASAP folder (which means I have to do something with them right away.) Finally, I can put some things in the white OUT folder, which is things I have filled out or whatever that need to be mailed or delivered or something.
Four folders... sounds easy enough, right? But again, to me it is a big thing! We'll see how long it lasts.
So those are my happy things. I'm happy sbout going tubing tomorrow, I'm happy that I got up early and got some stuff done, and I'm happy about finding a way to get somewhat organized. Shockingly, none of my happy things are related to food today! Although I do have a fruit tart in the fridge for dessert... bought it at Mariano's last night... and I guess that is something to be happy about as well. 
Oh yeah, I now have a Facebook profile and a Facebook page for this blog! The profile is for me... you can see the badge on the sidebar there... but the page is just for this blog, and you can "like" it without actually friending me, if you want to. I won't be insulted or anything. It is at  
Okay, that is all for now! I'll write again tomorrow! 

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  1. Well, it's good to hear you're having a good day. I dig the folder system. I have OCD and I enjoy organizing, in systems much like yours.

    Thanks for reading my blog and finding me on FB, I'm glad I finally got a chance to stop in and read you, too.

    P.S. Have fun tubing!

    -The Insomniacs Dream


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