Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Book I Think You Should Read

I wish I had an imaginary friend like
 Today is a humid, rainy day. It is a good day for me. I am doing laundry and using the computer and relaxing with my dogs. I had egg salad and potato chips for lunch. Has anyone else ever done that? I've been told this meal is pretty much limited to just my family... my maternal grandparents, my mom and her siblings, and myself and my cousins. You make the egg salad, but instead of putting it on a sandwich, you dip potato chips in it! So delicious! You should try it. 

For my Happiness Challenge for today, I would say the egg salad and potato chips is one thing I am happy about, because it is so yummy and so easy to make. I have been wanting to have this for a while lately, but I never seem to own all of the things I need at once... we were out of mayonnaise for a long time, and then the eggs kept freezing in the refrigerator for a while, and we barely ever own regular potato chips because people in my house prefer tortilla chips.But today my world was aligned perfectly and I got to have this treat for lunch, with a nice cold Dr. Pepper on the side! 

I am also happy because I finished reading a really great book. I love to read, and it is always awesome to discover a new author. I found this book at Target the other day. It is called Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend, and it is by Matthew Dicks. (If you live in the UK, you can find his books under the author name Matthew Green. The publishers in the UK felt that the name Matthew Dicks was too obscene! Isn't that kind of rude to tell someone their name is unfit for publication?) 

Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend is about, among other characters, feeling like an alien and trying to figure out where you belong, Both of the main characters are outsiders in their own world. 

One is a 9-year-old boy named Max, who has an autism spectrum disorder and has trouble connecting with other people. The world is an overwhelming place for Max, filled with unpredictable people and situations. Things like going to bed five minutes later than usual or having to eat with silverware that could possibly have germs on it can throw Max into a tailspin. He also has to worry about people touching him, wanting to talk to him, or even bullying him. 

The other character in this book is Budo, Max's best friend. Budo acts like a buffer between Max and the rest of the world. He explains things to Max in a way that Max can understand (like the idea that, although everyone picks their noses, it is a task that should be done in private, the same way going to the bathroom is private), helps to keep Max safe from bullies, and keeps him company when he's playing video games. The only odd thing about Budo is that he is an imaginary friend. 

My favorite thing about this story is that it is written from the viewpoint of Budo. Budo is a very likeable character who cares about everyone, but he especially cares about Max, and understands Max in a way that nobody else does. I wish I had a Budo of my own when I was growing up! Or even now!

If you like to read, and you're in the mood for something really special, get your hands on Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend! You can learn more about the author at his website,

(This is not a sponsored post and was not in any way requested by the author or publisher or anyone else... I really did just come across this book at Target, and I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you!) 

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  1. A good book and a delicious lunch you made yourself ... a good day, indeed! I want chips now. Thanks for the heads up about the book. I'm always interested in discovering imaginative new authors and it sounds like this one writes with great compassion.


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