Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Summer Bucket List

Hi everyone! I am excited to realize that I have only eleven more days of work. (Not including weekends.) Summer is in the future! My summer isn't completely wide open, since I'm going to be working in a summer school program for at least five weeks of it. But since this winter was long and dull, I want to make sure to have a great summer and live life to the fullest! At least I want to try. Sometimes I make such big plans, and then anxiety gets in the way. But here are the things I want to at least try to do...

1. Go to Six Flags a lot! I have a season pass. Anyone want to go with? Who likes roller coasters? I have the hardest time finding people to go with me, because everyone is either scared of roller coasters or claims to be too old. My 11-year-old little cousin puts you all to shame because she's been on almost every roller coaster with me! 

2. Keep working on my Zombie Run. Which I have been sorely neglecting, mostly because I almost always forget my shoes, my shorts, my headphones, or I forget to charge my phone, and if I go home to get those things and I see my dogs in the process I just don't want to go out again!

3. Go to the beach. 

4. Go camping. 

5. Visit the Museum of Science And Industry. Even though whenever I say I want to go, my mom says, "What are you, six years old?" 

6. Grow a garden.

7. Go to Wisconsin with my family. Which I am already going to do for sure, because it's on the calendar or anything, so this isn't something I have to really work at. I kind of just have to get in the car at the right time!

8. Make some tie-dyes. I used to do this every summer but I haven't done it in a while. 

9. Go to Pow-Wows. I went to two last year and I want to go to more this year. Shut up. They're fun. Also I really like fry bread. 

10. Go to California to visit my newborn nephew Freddy, who is being born sometime today or tomorrow. I'm not sure how I'll manage this one, due to time constrictions, but I'm going to try!

What else should I add to my summer list? I've been looking for ideas, but all I'm finding is ideas for little kids, and things like, "make lemonade," which I could technically do any time at all and not just in the summer. So, give me some ideas... what's on your Summer Bucket List?

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