Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beware Of Humans

Whenever I stop being sad about essentially being fired from my job, I kinda have to laugh! One of the things   that was on my performance review was, well you know how they have a list of characteristics or job functions, and they can mark Average, Above Average, and Needs Improvement? One of the things was, "Forms positive human relationships." And I got "Needs Improvement" on that. You have to laugh at that, right? At least, I do! I guess they're sort of right. Humans freak me out. I'd much prefer dogs. With a dog, they either love you, or they're scared of you. I don't think dogs feel hate, although some dogs feel aggression. And you can always tell what they're feeling. Dogs, like me, wear their hearts on their sleeves! At least, they would, if they owned sleeves.

I'm still doing my Zombie Runs every other day. I stopped for about a week because my mom wanted to do it with me but she kept on having scheduling conflicts and so we only got around to it once. Yesterday I got back into it. I was supposed to go to a Meetup with a social group I joined... they were going to take a walk around the lake at a park. I decided to get there an hour early and do my Zombie thing. I am up to running for thirty seconds at a stretch now! Impressive, huh? So afterwards I met the group of people. I had never met them before. It was a little unnerving. They seemed a little Aspergersy. Which I shouldn't be bothered by, because I, too, am Aspergersy... but I am used to being the only Aspergersy one in the group so it is odd for me to be around a whole bunch of people who are as odd as me! I get a taste of my own medicine, I guess. This wasn't even a group for people with Aspergers, and I don't even know if all these people had it, but I'm just saying they reminded me of people who might have it. One guy kept quoting Family Guy and The Simpsons and talking about comic books. On the other hand, I may have drove another guy a little crazy by telling him facts about animals the whole time! (This particular guy was a lot younger than me, but he walked and talked with me the whole time, and actually seemed interested in what I was saying... and he also  gave me a new fact that certain animals in Alaska and the North Pole have so much vitamin A in their livers that, if you ate their livers, you would get poisoned. He also came up with an idea for inventing a squirt gun filled with poisoned honey to shoot at bees when they've invaded your house, because he was talking about someone whose summer house was infested with 6,000 bees. And now that I think of it, I'm not sure that would work, because I think bees make honey but I don't think they're actually attracted by it. But, at any rate, he was either just as odd as me, or he was faking interest to be nice!)

The moral of this story is, humans are hard people to get along with. They are tough nuts to crack. But on a more positive note, someone at my work randomly told me I look like I'm losing weight. So I guess my Zombie Runs must be working!

Uh... I have to go walk my dogs now before they bite me.

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