Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Things That Drive Me Even More Crazier Than Usual

I am a weird person because, on one hand, there aren't many things that bother me. But on the other hand, certain little things drive me completely insane. I know you want to find out about these things, so that you can avoid them if you and I ever meet each other in person. So here are a few of the things I hate. A lot of these are sensory related, especially sounds... my ears have always been sensitive, and certain sounds just make me want to jam knitting needles into my ears!

1. When people talk with their mouth full. My mom does this all the time. Even on the phone. She'll dial someone up purposely, while her mouth is full, and start a conversation with a mouth full of food. I mean, an entire mouthful of food. I have enough trouble following conversations without the other person sounding like, "Mrrfff-mrrfuh-fuh-fuh-mrf!" First swallow your food, and then talk!

2. When people walk around the house, and/or try to hold conversations, while brushing their teeth. Another thing my mom does. This is just as gross as talking with your mouthful, still hard to understand, and totally just unsanitary. To me, teeth brushing belongs in the bathroom, in front of the sink, with the door closed!

3. People in commercials or on TV who pronounce their A's like O's and their O's like AW's. See, I am from Chicago. So when I say "Dad" it sounds a little like "Day-ahd," and when I say "Mom" it sounds like "Mahm." There is this commercial on right now where a girl is eating chicken nuggets and she says, "Dad, you're not getting my nuggets," but she says it like, "Dahd" or "Dehd." There are also a lot of commercials where kids call their mom "Mawm." For some reason this really just bothers me on commercials. If people in real life talk like that, I find it sort of amusing. Except when I can't understand. For instant at work one day this gym teacher was telling me that she needed to go "Move the mots," and she had to repeat it like three times because I thought she was saying "move the mops," but she was really saying, "Move the mats," but she pronounced it "Mehts," which to me sounded like "Mahts," except there is no such thing as a "maht," so my brain translated it to "Mops." Ya follow me? Great.

4. When people pronounce their P's really juicy, like they have a lot of spit on their lips while they're saying it. "I'm going to a PPPParty tonight!"

5. The sound of typing really bothers me... but only when other people are typing. When I am typing (like right now) I kinda like the sound. But when other people are typing, it bothers my ears. I have no idea why. When I was in college, I'd have to bring headphones to the computer lab, and put on some sort of background white noise player online, to block out the sound of one hundred people typing.

6. The smell of really strong perfume. Just a little bit of perfume smells lovely. But if you douse yourself with it, it smells really strong and gives me a headache, and if I try to breath through my mouth instead it feels like I can taste it. For this reason I never wear perfume. I prefer lotion. I don't know why, but most lotion smells don't bother me... maybe it is the alcohol in the perfume that gives it such an offensive odor to me!

7. People whispering. I have a weird relationship with this one. Sometimes I kinda like the sound of people whispering. Like do you remember being a little kid and being at a slumber party, and sometimes you wake up and hear a couple of other kids whispering really quietly, and it kind of tickles your ears? Or maybe that's me. Sometimes it can be calming and pleasant. But for some reason I hate, say, when you're in college and you get to a class early and there are a few other people there and they are sitting next to each other and whispering to each other. WHY ARE YOU WHISPERING? Can't you just talk quietly without whispering? Do you have something to hide? Are you exchanging social security numbers? Speak up!

8. When you ask someone a question and they can't focus on what you're saying so you have to stand there for about two hours while they go, "I'm... um... going to... uh... I'm going to... uh... look that up... uh... later." SPIT IT OUT!

9. When you're watching TV with someone and they keep flapping the channel around. So every time you start getting into a show, they change to another show. And then you get interested in the next show, and SWITCH! And eventually they may make it back to one of the shows you were trying to watch, but now you have no idea what is happening because you missed half of it. And finally they land on some really lame show like House Hunters and you have to watch that for the next five hours because it seems to just perpetually be on.

10. When you're trying to watch TV and then someone keeps interrupting you. For instance, you're in a room watching TV and someone yells to you from eight rooms away, "Did you have dinner?" "Uh, yeah, I did." "Whaaaaat?" "YEAH I DID!" "What did you have?" "Pizza!" "Whaaaaaaat?" "PIZZA!!!!!" "How was it?" "AUUUGHHHH leave me alone!"

After reading many of my pet peeves, you may think I must be a really difficult person to be around. But that is not true. Unfortunately for me, I don't usually speak up when something is bothering me. If you are chewing loudly with your mouth open while trying to hold a conversation, I will be sitting there politely, not saying anything. But then I might excuse myself to go leave the room so I can go roll around on the floor until my skin stops crawling!

Most of my pet peeves are sensory things, as you can see. I always wonder if other people are bothered by these things? What types of things drive you nuts?


  1. I have anxiety...that's my list of mental disorders..just that...but everything on that list annoys the fuck out of me as well. I'm a highly sensory person..can't eat peaches, oatmeal textures..and so yeah I understand. We are hyper sensory. My son has Down Syndrome and is both hyper and hypo sensory in regards to different things. Like he loves being dirty but hates having his hair touched.

    1. Funny how some people are just like that! I think people with any types of special needs are more sensory, uh, sensitive, either sensory avoiding or sensory seeking... but I also have completely "normal" people in my family who have weird sensory hangups! Like my cousin, who is in her twenties, still won't eat any food if it is touching another food. She has to use those plates with dividers to keep all of her food separate! LOL!


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